Journaling Day 4


 John 4: 7 There came a woman of Samaria to draw water. Jesus said to her, “Give Me a drink.” 

…this is how it starts. With “an ask.” Lives get changed when we “make the ask.” Jesus wants relationship. But instead of giving ‘hand outs’ He asks me for something, just like with the woman of Samaria.  He didn’t even start by offering to give her something – He asked her to give Him something. 

When He asks me for something, it isn’t long before I realize my lack.    I wonder why He is asking. I wonder why He is asking me.  that is how the conversation starts.  I suppose that is how I have been pulling people into growth with Christ, too.  I just never saw this example before  – so clearly.  I think a lot of times we like to say no for people.  They can’t do “xyz” because they are so busy or need to spend time with their family or don’t have enough money or…

I think, because of pride, humans tend to think that we should be self sufficient.  We should be able to meet our OWN needs.  We aren’t babies after all.  But God created us for community, to need each other and to need Him.

The woman at the well didn’t find this out immediately.  She thought the request was simple, so simple she felt she was in a position to give God guff!  I do that….(she probably didn’t know it WAS God…I just argue with Him straight up) But God even uses that to engage us.  He really is clever! 

My take-home?  Keep people engaged.  Any conversation can lead to meeting Christ and changing the lives of people in your hometown.


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