Journaling Day 7 & 8

missed skateboarderWOW!  I missed a day in there!  Well, the whole purpose of journaling online is so that people can get the idea of what journaling can look like….


Day 7 / John 7: 1…Jesus went around in Galilee, purposely staying away from Judea because the Jews there were waiting to take his life…. 3 Jesus brothers said to him, “…go to Judea…”  niiice

Sometimes our family members are not the most encouraging.  Especially if they haven’t ‘bought into” our mission.  I know my sister’s husband kept waiting for me to “get a real job”!   Of course, that is because he likes me and wants good things for me.  And lots of money (because I have lots of potential) is good.  Jesus’ brothers kind of don’t like him it seems.  It’s funny how we often don’t REALLY think Jesus can empathize with us.  I mean, how can you NOT like your brother who is the son of God?  How cool is that?  Not very is seems like.  And don’t you want your sisters and brothers to be like, “ministry! wow!  I am so proud of you!” but instead they are like…. “hmmm, what’s THAT about?” 

Jesus didn’t let that effect Him and He didn’t argue much with them, either.  Just did what He was supposed to.  Help me Jesus to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  To not worry about what other people think about my choices – just what YOU think about them.  Bless the people who want to love me, but don’t understand my mission.  Help me to be a blessing in their lives.

Day 8 / John 8 …sigh, the whole chapter.  How often do I just not get it?  I remember reading the Gospels and wondering when Jesus would ever get to the point.  Now I read it and think…MAN! this guy just says it straight out!  The people just kept asking him “Who are you”  and he kept saying “I am exactly who I have been saying I am”  (aka – aren’t you listening!!????)  and they aren’t – or they can’t.

But He just keeps giving them the information they ask for and… the more straight he is “you are from the devil….”  “I always do what pleases Him [my father]”  and “even as He spoke many put their faith in Him” 

I get so afraid of just calling sin, “sin” sometimes.  I don’t want to push people away, I don’t want to ‘seem’ judgemental  – of course if I think it’s sin, I am judging – soooo…. 

Jesus, please help me say what you want me to say, when you want me to say it.  Help me to not be afraid to or get tired of repeating myself concerning you, or your word.  And help me “get it” take the blinders off so that I can see clearly your will for me life, each minute of each day.


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