We had an awesome Thanksgiving! (Except for missing friends who were going to join us, but had the opportunity to go be with their families)
I talked Guy into deep frying the Turkey! WOW! It was incredible! Fast – only 50 minutes! Unfortunately for Guy, he had to stand outside in the cold to monitor it’s progress, so it didn’t feel fast for him. John joined him outside and much to Ethan’s delight wore my very GIRLY hat to keep warm!
ethan food Ethan was so happy to be getting food and to hold his own (real) plate! Good friends and kids… doesn’t get much better than that!

Liana playing with John Liana got to play with her Uncle John (and poop on him!) Here she is somewhat distracted… Did I mention kids? I love kids. Big ones and little ones.

I was thankful to be able to prepare a meal (with Guy and John’s help), share it with some family and friends, to watch football all day (what about that Packers game, huh?) …to go to bed early and have a day to relax. WOW!


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