ummm…I forget…

I am reading “The Forgotten Ways” by Alan Hirsch (still & again) It’s pretty heavy with lots of long sentences with big words and heady concepts. But I keep wondering how to get out of my box. I get a little shaken up when I read this stuff, because I think that we DO need to move to a more organic way of living, growing with each other and in Christ. I don’t see people flocking to church because they are just “dieing to have their spiritual questions answered”.

They can turn on the TV, read a book, surf the web, call a friend… or just make up an answer that sounds good to them. The only way for people to really learn about Christ is for them to…
1. want to learn about Him
2. know someone who knows about Him
3. know someone they trust who knows about Him

That happens through relationship. Not through a program, not through a newspaper ad, not through a presentation. But through life, practical help, proximity….

block party beth and neighbor

And here I am so busy that I have a hard time even SEEING my neighbor, much less getting to know them.

I don’t like it. At all.

PS. I think this kind of complaining is good – so I am not switching arms for my bracelet!


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