Grouping Events…part 2 “Taste of Small Groups”

I just want to say AGAIN…. “YAY!” for Lulu! This set of 3 mirrors she helped me pick out for for our last small group “grouping event“. They really make the room feel so much less like an old building and more like home!”

Some things are so simple… yorkville-jan20_08_6.JPG

Other things may be simple, but take a lot of work. Here are some of THOSE things:

1. Making Stuff for Grouping Events!
Things need to look simple. But making things LOOK simple is hard! Here are a few of the things we have made in order to simplify the grouping process at these events…
small group board grouping board2

Cliff sent me a picture of some small group cards hanging on something. Bret and Ginger had done something like this before and shared the basic idea. GUYdidn’t get off so easy. He listened to me, went shopping with me and then spent a day cutting, nailing, glueing, hingeing and painting! (It is true that he is my better half!)

The cards in the picture above are postcard size and color coded to match the day of the week the group meets on.
grouping card (click on the picture to see a larger image)

2. Grouping people after an event
Here are some simple tips to make keeping up easier…

    Use a spreadsheet, notebook or whiteboard to track who you are trying to group with whom and what contact you have had

    Copy both leader and prospective group member when emailing to set up a connect.

    Don’t be discouraged! Just a few weeks ago we finally grouped a couple that we have been talking to and following up with for A YEAR! They are the greatest people, real includers, they were some of our strongest inviters today!


7 thoughts on “Grouping Events…part 2 “Taste of Small Groups”

  1. Hi Beth, I am the small group pastor at LifePoint Church in Reisterstown, MD (just north of Baltimore).

    I read a little bit about your “tast of small groups” event on another blog: “Big Ideas About Small Groups.” It sounded very interesting to me. Could you share with me a bit more about it when you get some time?

    Was this a small group leader training event?

    Thanks Beth,
    Adam Workman


  2. I guess I should have read what’s posted above a little better. Looks like this was an event to connect potential group members with existing groups. Groups brought food to give insight about what their group is like, is that it?



  3. Adam, Yes this was an actual “Grouping event”. At least 4 times a year our Big Idea at CCC is specifically about joining a small group. To coordinate with that, we go the extra mile to highlight groups, changing the look and feel of our hospitality area, staffing tables with group members, getting ppl to sign up for a call back with more information, etc…

    Grouping Event part 1 shows you the look and feel of the room….

    hope that helps.



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