Birthday Wars, sucking lemons and closing the generation gap

Today we had a low-key birthday celebration for my twins (completely different and born 2yrs and 8 days apart) They are only twins in that they usually have their birthday parties together. Thank goodness they like each other. Here you get to experience (through the magic of digital photography) the Birthday Wars.

Round 1 – Cookies:
Sue Parrish brings plates of cookies for the ‘boys’. John’s cookies are all slightly larger than Jeff’s due to the fact that John is the BIG brother.
Round 2 – Parent’s gifts:
birthdaywars 1 birthdaywars 2
Jeff notices (and points out) that his gift bag is bigger than John’s. He also thinks it is nicer looking. Jeff finds a card in the bag and suggests that perhaps only HE got a card. But no, both of them got cards. Jeff is sad because John’s card has more writing on it. John comments that Dad’s handwriting is improving (Guy told me what to write, but he signed it!) Unfortunately for Jeff, his dad was convinced that Jeff would love a Hawaiian shirt (he did have a Pac Sun version of a Hawaiian shirt about 6 yrs ago, so close…) annnyway. Thank goodness for returnable items. Jeff will now be happy to wear whatever Elisa picks out for him. John loves his polo (are they still called that?) shirts. A day (and money) well spent!

Ever heard that phrase? Well, don’t tell it to Liana, if you want it to mean something bad!
lemons 1
lemons 2 lemons 3

Video version to your right!

Generational Conversations:
Maybe the highlight of my day… My dad loves his grandkids! He would do just about anything for them. Here he and Liana are in deep conversation.
Liana and greatgpa lynch


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