main stage at exponential

Pretty catchy name, huh? I admit I am sometimes tired of catchiness, can’t we just be real? BUT WAIT! I attended this “Exponential Conference” in Orlando for Church Planters. I didn’t know what to expect. I was interested in hearing Alan Hirsch (hoping I would understand at least an iota of what he said!) and Andy Stanley – they seem so different – but they were both there.

Coming from a more charasmatic background, I was half expecting to go and have this “emotional experience” where I meet God and he tells me something awesome. hmmmm. That didn’t happen. Well, the emotional experience stuff. (I did cry when I realized I really missed the people I work with at RemoteLink, however)

What did happen, though, is proving to be, well, exponential! I went and was affirmed. I was reminded and agreed with that we are on a mission to “go unto all the world…making disciples…” nothing new, nothing dramatic.

The thing is, it is a little over a week since the conference ended and I am MORE inspired than when I left. I have such a sense of expectation for the people we are ‘doing life with’ at Community Christian in Yorkville! I feel like God is in the process of making something wonderful happen in us and through us.


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