I love church planting -because it is missions. I always wanted to be a missionary. As I was writing this I started thinking about the 13 yrs I spent in Finland.

I attended a church that met in a movie theater (they have since built a church) in Espoo, Finland. I didn’t feel like a missionary, I just lived there. I helped start sunday school classes for kids (we met on the floor in the hallway of the Theater). I helped translate for the deaf and some English while attending, I sang in the choir (no solos!) and attended/co-led women’s groups and Bible studies….

The thing is, I wasn’t really a missionary, just missional. Still am.

(By the way, the good looking guy in the picture if you follow the link above is Danny Lepojarvi, a good friend’s son! He is a missionary to Tansania.)


3 thoughts on “Missional

  1. Hello Beth! Great to find your website. I was googling out my name and came across this post. I must admit, it made me blush. How are you and the boys (men)? I get news from Lori and Cathy from time to time, but have not been updated lately. We are still here in Tanzania and enjoying it. Greetings to everyone! Love, Danny


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