Honoring Moms at Yorkville

B taking pictures
B GULBRO IS A REMARKABLE WOMAN. Here she is donating her time to photograph mom’s and families during all 3 services on Sunday. She is also providing free 8×10’s for each family. It was great working with her (it was best for me to stay out of the way – which is tough for me to do!) I did manage to snap a few shots of friends and families as well as B at work! shhh don’t tell her!

B working with family
Here is B working on making a great family photo!

Proofing and goofing
Of course before you start, you have to test the lighting and positioning of people – Here is our ‘make-shift family. A little goofing off during our proofing process! Thank you, Jesus, for Bret Koontz (what is it about his name that compels you to use BOTH first and last names?) click the picture for larger view

Picture ready
This is my favorite! Ethan is ALWAYS ready for a picture! click the picture for larger view

…and last, but not least a tribute to Steve Hayes. We put him in the Martin family photo and we had fun messing around, but I wish I had had him sit down as part of the family, too. Steve always brings encouragement and reconciliation with him, where ever he goes. He is such a blessing to have around!
Thanks for being you, Steve. And thank you, Perry, for introducing us!


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