Community…make it up

In search of community – when in doubt, make it up.

Now that my kids are grown and out of the house, I work alot. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked alot the last 24yrs. It’s just that the pay was worse and my clients had runny noses …and slept at my house!

24hrs in a day
6hrs of sleeping
2hrs of sleeping in front of the TV
9hrs working (or being at work)
1.5hrs commuting
1hr dinner
2 hrs for small group or meetings or shopping or Dr visit or family or just sitting down to- dare I say- read a book!

What are you left with? ONE HOUR! is my math right????? And complete anonymity amongst my neighbors, I might as well be in witness protection!
M solution? Random Acts of Anniversary! OK, I hear ya’. It’s lame. I know. But it works.
Random Acts of Anniversary(declare an “anniversary” 1yr, 2mos, 3 day anniversary! bring treats! your co-workers might even start being happy you work there!)

Acts 2 Community:

A co-worker and I were talking about Acts 2 communities and that they really are hard to find. You have to go to a 3rd world mission field to work, live and worship together. But I wondered if it HAD to be that way? So we started being intentional about “hanging out”. Sounds simple. Not everyone wants that kind of community. Not everyone’s family wants that kind of community. Not everyone lives close. It takes work.

Here are some of the things we have done:

Office lunches and watch The Office -or just crack jokes
Book studies/small group before work
11pm Rambo movie
Opening night of Narnia
Team parties quarterly
Opening night of “Caspian” with families (my 3 yr Anniversary!)

As the realization that my workmates ARE my community grows, I am more committed to being purposeful about my relationships. Anniversaries are really a celebration of relationship. Relationship is required for community.

What do YOU do to create community where you are?


4 thoughts on “Community…make it up

  1. I’m working to get other WAHMs (Work at Home Moms) together for a work/play date. That way, our kids get to play together, and we can share each other’s wi-fi and grown-up company, and get some work done!


  2. Thanks Lundie, we both know that the more remote the work place, the more difficult community is. It sounds like in person contact – even in the twitter, internet, blog, phone, texting world – is still essential!


  3. Community is life for me. And as I think about the various cultures I have been privleged enough to know, I have learned alot about the importance of not being my own island. Even recalling the people of India I have met, they know how to “live” with one another and live well together. I will never forget my summer of 2008. I lived almost two months in Serbia. And in Serbia, you can NEVER be alone. I found myself going to strange places just for privacy. But what is privacy to me now is not what it use to be. God has enlarged my understanding of community, and in return my sense of privacy developed into more of times to meditate. Before living VERY closely with others; what I had thought of as privacy was really selfishness and uncessary needing to hide away. Selfishness on my part bcause I was keeping from others the gifts God has entrusted to me. And unecessary hiding because of the false fear of “being known” which ironically living in comunity has healed.
    I am still working through some of my reservations of being in community. Aren’t we all?! Community is leberating to me. For me, there are no divisions in my life, between work, family, church, etc. I see it as one flow. I am as effective at home as I am at work and at church, etc. They all effect one another and that is why it all is Community for me. I cannot hide away in one and not be present in another. I cannot reserve myself in one way and “let go” or be free in another. To sum it up, community refreshes itself every morning I awake with the new people I meet. The happenings that take place will effect all aspects of my life.


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