Missing the mark

The bible defines sin as missing the mark…not very dramatic an event to go to Hell for (for all eternity!)

As I’ve felt impressed to pray for my leaders-each person I ‘report to’ here on earth. It becomes more and more consuming. I feel the real need more and more. Not because I think they are about to do something ‘big’ or that they are caught up in some ‘sin’. But because I identify with their humanness. Their (our) inclination to miss the mark.

During prayer today I felt such a weight. The weight of my life. Probably not the full weight or I suppose I wouldn’t be alive to write this; But the weight of my good intentions -that had nothing to do with God, Holiness or His direction for my life. And suddenly I felt like I needed to hide. In my mind’s eye, I could see an altar in front of me-gold and massive and strange. So I looked for Jesus to hide behind. He was standing there facing the altar. I crept up behind him, I could hardly bear to glimpse at the bottom corner of it. As I hid behind Christ I suddenly realized that God was everywhere and could see BEHIND things. I wasn’t safe merely crouching behind something. And in a second I knew and was acting.

I stepped INTO Jesus. He was transparent and it was easy, just like stepping over a threshold. I put my feet in His and his body around me. I stood there trembling a little-wondering if I would be found out. But-oh happy day-being IN Christ is the ONLY requirement for standing in front of God. With that realization-that I was completely hidden in Christ-His love covered all my ‘missing the mark’ -I straightened up and stood tall facing the altar.



One thought on “Missing the mark

  1. Oh that’s good. Need to chew on that for a while. I absolutely love the mental image. Word pictures like this hit home so much harder for me.

    Thank you.



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