People I like

Don’t be all sad if you are not in this post. There are a LOT of people I like. But today I am highlighting only 4 of them.

Bret Koontz. He is holding, yes, a DIAPER CAKE. Do you know of anyone else who could hold a Diaper Cake with more dignity??
bret and diapercake

Perry Martin. The only person I know that can talk about manure mixed in with dirt and savory marinade for grilling with the same intensity and passion.
horticulturist martin

Guy Kolar. The “hey, my ox is in a ditch- can you help me?” guy. He will stop whatever he is doing and help you fix whatever is broken.


Kurt Gulbro. He is not my neighbor, but Perry’s – kind of (down the street and around the corner.) He is the little spec in the picture below – walking back home from Perry’s. He has got to be one of the most loyal, kind people I know. The person EVERYONE wants in their neighborhood.

bye kurt

If I had a picture of YOU reading this, it would be shown HERE.


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