Here you see my husband Guy. He is a man’s man. (well, and my man)


This is Guy on his old bike (a Harley Sportster that he put together from parts he bought in a cardboard box)

guy on bike

Today I got a call at work from Jen Ripsch (jen and fam) who got a call from Stephanie Beasley (Yorkville attender) asking me if I had heard from Guy. This is rarely a good conversation.

As it turns out Steph had seen someone who looked like Guy walking by the side of the road, but his bike didn’t look good.
Not Guy’s bike

Meanwhile, Tom is talking to RickRICK
on the phone about the price of gas and Tom says, “Hey Guy just crashed his bike!” in front of his work at Carstar in Yorkville. To which Rick says, “Click” and speeds over to the scene of the crash (breaking at least one law on the way – or so RUMOR has it)

Sam and Andy
Sam and Andy are driving by and see Guy sitting in an ambulance. Sam insists that Guy call his WIFE (me, incase you are lost) and he says “we don’t want her to worry” and she doesn’t. She is now grounded. Andy, of course, disagreed with the Kolars. YAY, Andy!

Well, I did finally get ahold of Guy and here is his story:
“The truck in front of me SLAMMED on his brakes. I tried to control my bike while braking hard on the back brake. I didn’t want to follow the truck into oncoming traffic, so I layed it down. (that’s biker for sliding on the side of your bike’) It all went pretty fast but when the bike went down, I let go and tucked my head in and rolled a couple times and landed on my feet in oncoming traffic. I didn’t lose my sunglasses or my phone!”

Here is his bike post crash
bike post crash

Here is Guy post crash in the same clothes (no scratches, no ripped clothes…an itty bitty burn on his hip)


hard core, biker dude. (and super cute!)


7 thoughts on “Survivorguy

  1. Please don’t tell me he was on his way back from looking at jobs at my house?
    This last week I attended a visitation for a very experienced biker who died when his bike slid out from under him because of some loose gravel and hit a guard rail. Dino had a love and passion for people like Guy and I have never been to a visitation with a longer line.
    Our God is awesome and His purposes beyond our comprehension; He brings us through the valley of the shadow of death with a couple of bruises and transforms our hearts to see more of His glory in the land of the living.
    Another one of my long time customers had a motorcycle accident this last week; totaled the bike, broke his heel, and damaged his pride. He came in limping yesterday. Certainly, bike riding can be a life transforming experience.


  2. You are a wonderful storyteller! I am SO glad your man is OK! Praise God. I see now what I am missing out on–working so far from home. What great group of people we have here in Yorkville.


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