Small Group Socials

Kurt leads the Yorkville Campus Saturday Morning Men’s Group. I got the opportunity to hang out with the guys and their families this Sunday at the Beasley’s. Besides the fact that the Beasley’s are incredibly great hosts, this group knows how to have fun!

Dave Beasley is a great host. Always making sure everyone knows their place, from oldest to youngest! You may find him wrestling a kid to the ground or throwing one into the pool!

Stephanie Beasley with her mom Gresna! Steph took most of the pictures, provided food and fun. Way to bring the party, Steph!

Tim Whaley (group picture, far right, leads Friday night family group) came with his family the youngest shown in all her cute limberness with her new friend Liana to the left.

Kids and adults had fun in the pool, joyriding in the golf cart (only lisenced drivers got keys!)

Small Group Socials are all about life… hanging out, building friendships and just spending time.


Thank you Kurt for understanding the value of time spent together, thank you Beasleys for providing a great environment to do it in!


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