spending time

I woke up a week ago, Monday morning to hear God whispering just behind my ear, “Re-evaluate your commitment level.” 

if you know me, you may be thinking many things…some think i am over-committed, some that i could do more, some that i could do better here or there…we are going to leave all those thoughts alone for now – maybe look at them in a different post -yours. (go ahead. write about me. not sure what it will do for your following, tho!)

All day I felt like there was something missing. God provided it at small group that night.  It was as if all the words that night were words on a page but Mike Bell said these words that just lifted off the page:  “You have to take time to receive the gifts God has to give.”

What is God saying to you about your relationship with Him.  What is he wanting to give you? You don’t know do you? 

We can’t really know, but I think it is a little like your birthday and your friends are throwing you a party at the local clubhouse.  One thing is for sure; you won’t know what they got for you until you take the time to get there and spend some time opening those gifts.  And I bet they wouldn’t even have come at all if you hadn’t at least spent some time with them!

The thing about time is that it has limits.  The gifts God has to give (even grace) may last an eternity, but we don’t get an eternity to choose…It’s like buying something on sale.  If the sale is good through Monday and if you show up on Tuesday, you can bet there is no more sale.  You walk away sad.  You would have spent your money on that stuff, but now you don’t have enough money to buy it.

Buying stuff is a pretty familiar concept for Americans.  We love to shop.  What if you went to the store and the guy next to you said to the cashier, right in front of you, “I am paying for this guy’s stuff today.”  Wouldn’t you be happy, run around the mall, find your friends and tell them what a CRAZY awesome day you had?!  I would.

Or would I? Sometimes I ignore the guy standing next to me, offering to pay.  I pretend he isn’t there.  I don’t believe he means it and don’t want to look stupid when he says, “Snap!” and walks away.  I don’t even get him.  What is he doing anyway?  He can’t be all that generous…and on I go, paying full price for my purchases.  Just ignoring him as he follows me around, trying to pay. Huh. Talk about stupid. 


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