the leader within

Our church is currently covering Nehemaiah in a series entitled “The Leader Within“.  I was so inspired when I heard the first ‘installment’ today.  I’ve been contemplating what I felt was God saying to me “reevaluate“, health struggles and brokenness in general, so I was so moved by today’s message!  And encouraged. 

Brokenness -the realization of how powerless you are to a given situation – is a good place to be.  I used to read a lot of books about the “power of positive thinking” and “if you think it you can acheive it”,  I get the idea that if I do SOMETHING that is better than nothing and certainly doing nothing will get me nowhere. And it is likely that if I don’t believe that I can do something, I won’t attept it or give it good effort.  But I have always felt a little strange about this kind of “I” can do it mentality. I know the mind is a powerful thing.  The fact is… I can’t, can’t, can’t do anything of lasting value without Christ. 

 Nehemiah felt this kind of reality and it drove him to his knees.  What is a cupbearer of the King going to do about something so big and so out of reach?  cry. pray.  I don’t think he felt hopeful on day 1,2 or 3.  I don’t think he did at all…



2 thoughts on “the leader within

  1. I teach the baptism class at the YB and the HS campuses. I recently invited a woman I’ve been eager to talk with about God to the class. She said, “You know, I’ve been thinking about being baptized. Everything is going so well for me right now, I really feel like I’m in control!”

    I’m not so great at diplomacy, but I did a quick prayer and said, “I find I need God most when there’s nothing I can control.” (Meaning, there is no control!) She paused, and then agreed with me. She hasn’t made it to class, but I’m still praying she will…

    One of the hardest things is to recognize our own brokenness. Yes, our “flaws” are clear, but our need for Christ is something we have to open ourselves to.


  2. Eliie, thanks for your comment. It is also good for me to remember that most people won’t understand my brokenness, or brokenness in general for that matter…something best experienced by oneself! (chuckle)

    God also reminds me regularly that he has also broken my heart with kindness and abundance, instead of lack and sorrow. He is a great God!

    (I vote for more kindness and abundance! *wink*)


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