Me 2.0?

I am always looking to God for what is next.  How can I grow, change, be better…

But this wasn’t the message I got today.  It was “what about my RELATIONSHIP with God?”  Where are WE at?  It occurs to me that, “I can’t get better” and that is good. The reality is; I can only get closer. You don’t get “good” at relationships, you just grow closer together.  Then the things that are interesting to your friend, or spouse, or savior, begin to interest you.

“God wants to develop in us a magnificent obsession with discovering where He is at work and how we can join Him.”  All I want to do is join Him.


One thought on “Me 2.0?

  1. Thanks for the link to the message. I missed being at church this week. Never thought I’d say that about church! Historically I could give or take any particular week. Now church is all interesting and stuff! LOL.

    Anyway, this is an excellent point – getting “better at” vs. being “closer to”. Love it!


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