yo’ mamma

I called Olive Garden today to get directions and the girl on the phone said, “Welcome to Olive Garden, when you are here you are family!”  Catchy.  But I hate it when places like that say things they don’t really mean…


Last Saturday, determined to get to her destination, my 74 yr old mom battled floods and rain storms to make it to the St Charles Olive Garden; her friends had already called and spoken to the hostess, Amanda, saying, “Please send our regrets to Fae.  We were supposed to meet her for her Birthday Lunch, but the weather has us stuck.”


Jon, the manager on duty, felt so bad for her when she finally got there that he decided to talk to his other manager. “…she’s all alone on her birthday, what if she didn’t bring money?  We should buy her dinner.” 



That’s a really nice gesture. But THEN they took turns sitting with my mom, talking about their hobbies, about her artwork and her family!  I literally got goosebumps when my mom told me this story!  So today I took mom again to the St Charles Olive Garden to take some pictures and see if I could meet some of these people.


As you can tell from the pictures – I did!



Thanks Jon, Amanda and the rest of the staff at Olive Garden for treating my family like your own! 


You really DID mean it.  Wow. 


**btw, I had the Apricot Chicken today, yummmmmm…


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