more change

beth, please change…

If you could change into anything you wanted…

They aren’t just incredibly witty titles (maybe I exagerate).  Change is my mantra.  Not so much because I think I am horrible or ‘just not right’ (that may be what others think), but because the Bible says “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.  (Ro 12:2)

I need to regularly ‘renew’ or change the way I think (about me, God, my mission, my life – His life).

When I hear God tell me to “reevaluate” it is a reminder to keep changing. To be concerned when I am stagnant, uninspired, coasting or maintaining the status quo.

When was the last time you took a break to think and pray about where you are in your walk with God?  Where are you going?  What is God saying to YOU?



2 thoughts on “more change

  1. Yeah, reevaluate is very important. And I guess that’s what i need right now. I need to stop and think where am I, where am i going and what is GOd telling me… Thanks Beth! God is always on time! 🙂


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