Baby Dedications

At Yorkville COMMUNITY we celebrated little people on one of our BIG DAYS -baby dedication Sunday!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

It\'s not a celebration if there isn\'t CAKE!

It’s not a celebration without a CAKE!

praying - a great way to start life!

Praying…a great way to start life!

This kid sees a camera and just smiles!

What a sweet kid.  If he saw a camera, he just turned on the cuteness!

4 generations

Sons and Dads – 4 generations!

greeting campus pastor

Perry getting Jax riled up!

cleaning up

Life happens – cleaning up and moving on!

I couldn’t capture the  absolute best part though, so I will just tell you about it.  After we meet the families and their adorable, sometimes crabby, sometimes spitting up, sometimes sleeping babies, we all stand and commit to helping each family to raise this child and pray together for them.

I get tingles every time.


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