Everything is more fun with a friend

WARNING: if you are looking for an exciting post, please leave this blog immediately…

I hate errands.  I hate going here and stopping there and dealing with “stuff.”  I hate them so much that I don’t do them.  This Sunday, however, I decided to call my friend Kym to see if she could go with me on some errands.  She likes photography and is on the phototeam at Yorkville, so I thought she might enjoy herself during one of my errands to the camera store. To my great surprise and joy, she was able to come with me. 

After much deliberation I had selected 43 (can you believe it?) of my best pictures for my walls at home (after 3 years of bare walls.)  I just needed someone to hang out with me while I figured out what I liked, what sizes to print and if I wanted to afford it! And someone to say “what on earth are you thinking!? don’t print that!”  Kym was up for it and we had a good time despite Wolff Camera’s not so-hot-very inconsistent-editing software. (I have to learn Photoshop!)

Then we stopped at Sears to return a gift, waited for ever, teased a lady that Kym thought was gonna be mad (but she wasn’t – we actually got a laugh out of her) grabbed a cup of yummy berry infused chai from Starbucks and off we went back home again. 

This was the first time in a long time I actually enjoyed running errands…




Everything is more fun with a friend.


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