Proximity- a leadership axiom

Proximity is one of my leadership axioms. It represents the truth that you have to ‘stay close to stay sold.’

The farther away a person gets from another person the more critical they tend to be and the less grace they find for that person. The more time you spend with someone the more you find it within you to love – even those you don’t like.

You know how fired up you are after a misison trip, a great retreat, a good meeting or one on one? That is because you were close enough to be touched – by another, by the mission, by the idea.

But the farther away you get from that point in time, the more you wonder, “What was it I saw in this thing anyway?” …unless you stay connected.

A leader recognizes this and is responsible for keeping themselves connected to the activities of the mission and with others on that mission.

We get lazy. How easily we relinquish our responsibility to stay motivated, to manage and feed our hearts and for our spiritual velocity.

Tolkien fans will recall Gandalfs words to Frodo concerning the Ring, “Keep it secret.  Keep it safe.”  With the same urgency and reverence for what can be lost and the dangers of losing what is so important to all of mankind, I hear these words, “Stay close. Stay sold.”

Proximity.  What are you close to?  What are you feeding your heart? Where are you in relation to the mission of  hpftwbtG.


One thought on “Proximity- a leadership axiom

  1. Beth:

    What great words, “Stay close. Stay sold.” I noticed that phenomenon when I returned from a great trip to E. Africa last Dec, but have fizzled on all the fabulous things I was gonna do. I forgot to stay close to what energized me about God’s work there. I got lazy. I drifted into unconnected.

    Thank you for this reminder today. I’ve spent so much time reading 140 character posts, I forget there’s more out there. Thanks!

    Dawn Carter


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