You 2.0

Upgrades.  My friend says they’re just a way for software companies to get another $50 (or more!) bucks out of you.

Not too optimistic.

I, on the other hand, have the great pleasure of working with software engineers!  From time to time I field calls from customers that are looking for added features to their product.  They like what they have, but now that they have been working with it for a while, they realize that an upgrade would make their life easier.

What I find so refreshing is when I go to the head of development team and ask for this added feature, he often gets this excited look and says “I have been waiting for someone to ask for that!”  You see, he had planned for that when he built the product, but the feature wasn’t requested, desired or needed by the client at the time.

For me, it seems that as in this instance, when we go to our Creator and ask for this You 2.0 upgrade, He smiles with exitement and says “I have been waiting for you to ask for that!”


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