100 blog challenge

100 blog challenge:

A recent post by Chris Brogan has challenged me (well me and like a million other people) to blog again.
100_6814aThe idea that I might have something of interest to say for 100 days straight is a bit daunting.
Yeah, I talk a lot, but interesting stuff? …I don’t know.

Seth Godin blogs daily and he is really smart – or at least believes what he is saying.  It’s rare that I read something he writes and don’t find it useful, interesting or funny.

anyway – I am wondering, if they can do it, can I?

I’m excited about pushing myself to come up with content, geeked out about starting to write again.

You may be rolling your eyes, wondering why you’ve read this much and making sure you don’t accidentally bookmark the page. Or you may be frantically trying to figure out what a bookmark is (Hi, Mom!)

Anyway. welcome…. back… to me.


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