Hypocrisy – a love / hate relationship

Hypocrisy – a love / hate relationship
aka “Practice what you preach”

beth oct 09_19

mmmmm…I love to give advice-

apparently I also love to not follow my own advice (that is the hate part)

Advice I give but sometimes don’t follow:

  • Blog consistently
  • Read good stuff often
  • Sleep more (or at least enough)
  • Age gracefully (like “I am never going to color my hair” ooooops)
  • Follow your heart (trust your instincts)

There’s probably a ton more stuff – if you know me and want to post them here I will try to be brave and face the truth.

The thing is, when I hear someone give advice (like on twitter) I always go to their site and look to see if they are practicing what they preach. What makes them an authority?  How did they come up with this stuff?

Recently I set some goals for the next 3 years they are roughly:

  • Discipline – mind, body, spirit (so I started working out – ouch – fun, but ouch)
  • Profession – get good at something specific.  choose. focus.
  • Heart – do what I love. often. with people I love.

Trying to not be a hypocrite (see first bullet point)


One thought on “Hypocrisy – a love / hate relationship

  1. She’s back! See – that’s why I don’t have a site! I just like to give the advice on twitter, but I don’t need ou going to see my site to see if I’m living it. Good to have you back.


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