My list – Blogolicious

My list  – Blogolicious

obligatory photo to catch reader's interest

You might not want to hold me to this list.

The ideas may prove to be uninteresting once they land on ‘paper’ – but here is my first shot at a list of my next 10 blog topics:

1. Hypocrisy  – a love / hate relationship (practice what you preach)
2. What weight training taught me about grace
3. How Yoono changed my life
4. People (real people alive today) I admire and why – part 1
5. Put it on ice
6. Core Values
7. Photo tips
8. Social media – what is it good for?
9. Relational Agendas
10. Adding value

Get your reading glasses, Doug!

Photo above: I read that it was good to post a photo to catch the reader’s interest… did it work?


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