What weight training taught me about grace

What weight training taught me about grace

Do you know an overachiever? Someone who works a bit too hard at everything? Looks for approval from others by succeeding?

I am one of those. Grace is something I hope not to need.

HA! Try again!

Before each session my trainer @UHFptNate goes through a set list with me reviewing lifts and reps…showing me appropriate form when needed.



So, there is a set expectation or goal if you will… things I can count on.  Nope.

The first time I didn’t meet expectations wasn’t because Nate had miscalculated my strength, but because he calculated correctly that I needed more of it.
The only way to get that is to grow, stretch and push past today’s limitations.

On #10 of 15 reps, my muscles simply quit on me. I thought I was done.  I was ready to walk away…but then, to my surprise, there was Nate helping me finish the set!
Only helping just enough so I could finish, whatever strength I had, I used, the rest was Nate.

Instead of consoling me, he said “Great job, way to push through.”

Suddenly the idea of God’s grace, how none of us really ever achieves the desired amount of reps (over a life time of trying), but how God instead sent Jesus – to help us finish out the set.
You don’t just give up on the idea of being good, or accomplishing valuable things or getting to heaven.  You accept the fact that THAT is the reason for Jesus.

…filling the gap between what is expected and what is attainable.

(almost forgot  – Nate now has a blog http://uhfptnate.wordpress.com )


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