How Yoono changed my life


(that title makes me giggle)

It’s like the day I learned about advertising using Google and keywords.  A whole new world of searchable information became available to me!

Yoono allows me to follow Facebook updates (without spending hours ON Facebook)
I can keep up on my Yahoo Instant Messenger for work, without that silly popup distracting me (there is a sound that plays when a new message comes up, but i don’t use it)

And my fave: I can follow topics of interest on Twitter! I follow words like “task management”, “telelconference” or “IVR” for work, words like “Weight training” or “body combat” “nutrition” etc.. to help keep me educated about working out.
It’s made choices on who to follow so much easier too! I have several new favorites!

The best thing? The app just lives on the left side of my Firefox window as an add on.  I can hide it if I like (I am really easily distracted, so that works for me)

Now all my favorite social media is on one place.  Less distraction, more focus.  Life changing.


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