People (real people alive today) I admire and why – part 1

This list may not be full of Mother Teresa’s (cause I don’t know her and she is not alive anymore) but they are people who’s work, spirit, attitude, etc…inspires me.

Here we go:

Using cut up credit cards and water color, mom 'carved' these horses out on paper

Using cut up credit cards and water color, mom 'carved' these horses out on paper

My mom – at 63 she decided to go back to school – for art. She has spent the last 12 years painting and teaching watercolor to Jr High students and anyone who is interested.
I love her ability to ‘reinvent’ herself and her commitment to being an artist.

6L6 090

Jeff Ekblad – (facebook page for Oakleaf) I’ve known him all his life. And except for a short time when he wanted to be a professional gamer or baseball player, he has always called himself a musician.
Even before he actually was.  His fortitude (ummm, stubborness?) drive, intense focus all in pursuit of being who he knows he is, is inspiring.

john blog picJohn Ekblad – I have also known him all his life.  When I think of John, I remember him standing with his little 6 yr old friend – arm around his shoulder – explaining how the fishing game worked at a birthday party. He is a teacher, a protector and a helper. (also brilliant and cuttingly witty) His desire to live out those things landed him in the National Guard where he has served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

spaceball - philphil fPhil Ficarra (mispelled int he first edition, sorry, Phil) – I honestly don’t know Phil, but I have talked to him via fb. He made this list because I love his photography.  He does amazing car photos and his 365 day self portraits are smart, fun and sometimes sexy. 😉


Seth Goodin – Don’t know him either, although he did respond to an email I sent him. He spends time teaching me marketing stuff for free.  He cares about me enough to keep it short, understandable and interesting.
(He probably doesn’t do those things for me, but it feels like it!)

jspJeff Pessina – Heads Philippine Frontline Ministries. He left everything almost 30 years ago with a conviction and passion to tell that country about Jesus.   But he didn’t just tell people, he leads a team of show-ers.  Through daily interaction with abandoned street kids, sick people, people who live and work in a garbage dump, etc…they DO what they believe.
He is helping people find health and meaning through Christ – as well as food, education and safety.

dcartDawn Carter – Someone I met via Twitter.  She lives far far away, where people see the sun almost all the time. How can you not admire someone with this Bio: Marketing Maven. Connector. ideacamper. Blogger. God-Lover. Wife & Mom. Techno Nerd. member. The deal is she delivers.  Her blog is insightful. She is an intense twitterer – passionately talking about what is important to her.

Part 2, another day…


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