Put it on ice.

Everything is better with ice!  Coffee, tea, water…ice is the great improvement!

glass - dirty- no ice

So it is in my life.
(Note: this is not meant to be medical advice, nor is it solicitation for health advice.  It’s my journey.  I know you care about me and I thank you.)
I have this thing called fibromyalgia.  I also have chemical allergies and asthma.  I used to not leave my house much, avoided crowds, and couldn’t really workout (swimming, but chlorine is a bit of a problem).
Things are much better now, which is amazing. I manage crowds pretty well (although if I back up when talking to you, it’s probably a fragrance thing…) But I am in bad shape.  Overweight, inflexible (and not just my personality) low stamina, you know the drill, so I have also started working out.  If you follow me on Twitter, you may already be sick of hearing about it!
The hardest thing about working out is allowing my muscles good recovery.  They swell pretty easily and there is some amount of pain all the time.  It’s getting easier to tell good pain from bad pain. (The bad pain sticks around a LOT longer!)
My trainer has helped me throttle my workout appropriately, depending on the day and my general condition (which is mostly GOOD!).  He taught me about RICE – rest, ice, compression and elevation. I thought – ok, when things are really bad, I will need ice.  Which I did.
Here was the shocker…one day during massage, we were talking about my slow recovery times and he said, “Beth, I would say for you, ALWAYS ice after a workout.”  Yuck. I don’t like to ice.  But, I also don’t like a lot of pain – so I started driving to work  (after my workout) with ice on my legs, wrapping my arms in FREEZING COLD wet towels and sitting on ice packs (gotta get those glutes!) at night. I look like a soggy Michelin Man!
The lesson?  Good recovery is worth paying for. I hate putting those towels in the freezer, I hate doing nothing (that is the rest and elevation part).  But I hate not recovering even more.
I am applying this principle to all areas of my life.  Rest, doing the things that will restore me (…and more quickly).  I guess it boils down to taking good care of myself.  It will look different for different people.

Isaisah 30:15
15 This is what the Sovereign Lord,
the Holy One of Israel, says:
“Only in returning to me
and resting in me will you be saved.
In quietness and confidence is your strength.


One thought on “Put it on ice.

  1. “I guess it boils down to taking good care of myself. It will look different for different people.”

    This statement, plus one of the most meaningful verses in my life, sums it up.

    We should love ourselves enough to do what’s best for us. Self-care is painfully absent in my life. And the wonderful part for me is, it’s God sanctioned…God ordained, even!

    As I take my own steps of recovery, I am learning that caring for myself starts with spending time with God, resting in him, talking to him honestly so I can learn what I need in order to heal.

    Love you BK!


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