Have you ever stopped to consider what your core values are?  Have you every actually written them down?

John Blumberg is leading a course at CCC Yellow Box (link) on “Good to the Core”.

Good to the Core Book

Thanks for the book gift, John! I love it!

Last week our main exercise was writing down our current core values. What our actions say about our values, if you will.  At first my group wrote about what we wanted our values to be, but as we were discussing, a group member said, “I want to be really honest. Is this really who I am?” (or something to that effect)
Let me tell you, my list about my actions and my list about what I WANT to be known by has some descrepencies! (which means I won’t be bored the rest of this group as I have some work to do!)

At work I heard someone describe it this way.  If you say that family is one of your core values, that is great. But what would it look like if you filled out a calendar for the week.  Would the calendar show your core value of “family”?

So now I am tasked with defining my core values – on paper.  Not just what I what want my core values to be, but what my life shows they currently are.

What does your life say about what you value?

(I just came across THIS post today.  Interesting)


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