spark vs sparkle

bk sparkles

I like to sparkle! If I can be in the limelight, get recognition or praise – I am happy.  I am not afraid of public speaking, meeting new people, starting new things… It all just energizes me!

But sometimes…

…a spark is needed instead of a sparkle.

As I read this: “The large fire …Friday morning was caused by heat, oxygen and a spark…”, it occurred to me that starting a fire (getting things going…) requires certain conditions. Certain things have to be in place for a spark to work at all.  And in those conditions, the spark doesn’t get any glory.  The spark is just part of the bigger picture.  Part of the plan.  The spark doesn’t set the conditions.  The spark doesn’t even know going into things if the right conditions exist.  The spark just goes in and, well, sparks.


And then, IF other conditions are favorable…voila! FIRE.  CHANGE. NEW DIRECTION.

It’s harder to be a spark. As soon as the spark has done it’s job, it becomes a part of the larger fire.  A sparkle is always just that -a little twinkle that people look at and then move on.  Nothing changes. No new direction. Maybe a smile….

Yup. I think I would rather be a spark.


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