Perfumes and robbers

In this video, Dave Ferguson talks about the woman who broke open her alabaster jar of expensive perfume (see verse)

When thinking about which character I am most like in that story, naturally I wanted to be the woman who didn’t value her “stuff” (very expensive, possibly irreplaceable “stuff”) more than honoring God. I wanted to think I was the kind of woman who would not be stopped by social norms and cultural habits and insecurities – but instead, intently on mission.  I wanted to inspire others by being generous.

robberI guess one of my biggest fears is that, in the end, I will look like the old-school robber cartoon. Flashlight shining on me in my mask and striped shirt, a bag of money in my hand. Caught holding on to stuff I could have used. Stuff I could have shared with others – used well myself.  Stuff I could have given to great causes, to right injustices and provide relief.


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