I used to be…

…a “normal” woman.

Asback in the day I sit at my kitchen table working from my home, I look out my window.  The lady next door is home and a friend has come to visit her, bringing something with her. (I am not THAT nosy or curious as to get up to verify what she was bringing)

My mind wanders back to the days when my children were little and I was home during the day.  Of course, I had two jobs then (and some hobbies)!  Day care during the day and various jobs during the evenings.  But the pace was so much different.  The stress was more immediate, more fixable. Send a kid to ‘time out’, feed them, put them down for a nap… you know.  Of course, illnesses are another thing, but in general it was all good.  Peaceful even amidst the chaos.

I am a different kind of  “normal” woman today. I still have 2 jobs (and some hobbies)! A matter of passion more than necessity. My life now consists of big deadlines and adults with long term issues, struggles and stresses.  You can’t just tell them to take a nap, or put them in ‘time out’.  There seems to be more at stake.  There was certainly a LOT at stake – raising kids- forming who they will be and what they will effect the rest of their lives.  I was aware, but yet blissfully ignorant of the real gravity of that job.

Then there is the lack of community. Time to just hang out with people you like, that have the same interests and life situations, or different ones…either way.

So, as I watch the neighbor’s friend (who looks like a hobbit, btw) go back and forth to her car, I miss those days.

And so ends my lunch break… deadlines, problems – that we now call ‘opportunities’ -await…you know.


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