changing the world

…or not. I just read a great post, not really about changing the world – but it was mentioned as a side note.  You can read the post here.  It’s about the “Organic” Church and whether or not it will ‘last’.  Now obviously, nothing lasts.  Ways of doing things – even church – come and go.  They change out of necessity as people, their needs and their cultures change.

What I really liked about this post is that it echoed something I have been saying to my friends for a while:

“Salt and light—that’s about the extent of our effectiveness. Nothing about transforming the world through our efforts. Make no mistake: Jesus does indeed call us into the world to do stuff: preach, baptize, teach, and heal. But he does not promise results.”

When people preach about prosperity, or God ‘blessing’ something.  It presupposes that if things that do not succeed in ways WE think are appropriate or expected, well, that God is not ‘blessing’ it.  Or somehow we have missed the mark.  Isn’t that what people thought about Jesus ministry when he died on the cross?

My friend Sher twitters alot about obedience.  It’s funny, I call it doing what God says (the “O” word seems so…big) But I think she gets it.  We want good results, we want to change our worlds for the better, because of the God we know.  But it is really none of our business what the results are.  Our business is to do what we are told.  Faithfully, cheerfully (with excitement at the opportunity).

As I make desicions about my life, I try to be “smart” about things like my ‘future’ – although it seems like a dubious thing to be smart about.  The Bible says to count the cost of building before you start to build so that you can finish it.  It doesn’t say to not build it.  I would think, you would modify your blueprints based on your resources, but still build.


So, that’s what I am doing.  Building. It may change the world around me… or not.


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