In (Ter) Dependence

weird… we live in a society where you are supposed to be big and strong, make good informed decisions all by yourself, accomplish great things, be famous if you can, make lots of money and buy tons of cool stuff (cooler than your neighbor) and do it faster than anyone else.

then we get depressed because we don’t fit in. the joke is that NO ONE fits into that model. good things don’t happen by yourself. they are by nature good things because others find value in them.

what if we lived by different rules? the kind where the goal was to do nothing by yourself. to include as many people as possible. to have the kinds of relationships where I don’t get more, faster… but give a little more than i get without competition, accepting help graciously. where the goal was to let others have what i have for free. just to help them be better, find joy, be loved.

I like that kind of world. let’s do that.


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