no good reason

…for ANYONE to be checking out my blog lately! Yet my stats show people are stalking me via this blog… To you, I apologize for not giving you anything juicy, funny or interesting to read here.

Let’s fix that now: (you can decide if what follows qualifies for any of the above)

philHUMAN TRAFFICKING: A few of my photographer friends and I are putting together a awareness / fundraiser! Photos depicting freedoms we have that trafficked people do not. We hope you leave the event inspired and grateful, educated and empowered.  One COOL thing. We will raffle / auction off photos at each show! Take home some art by local, talented artists! Yay! This photo was taken by Marc Hanson of photographer Phil Ficarra, Phil’s photo in the background.  And MANY thanks to Mike Meyers, who is the best breath of fresh air.  His enthusiasm for this project and his help have breathed new life back into it!

Watch for dates soon.

BELIEVING BEFORE DOING: An older post, “Half of doing….” I am continually grateful for the people in my life that have helped me on this physical rebuilding journey. In church we recently talked about Foundation, nate w dumbbelland what kind you build your house on. Well, my physical foundation was so dilapidated that I had little faith or vision for the rest of my “house”. But today (a little over a year since starting with Personal Trainer @UHFptNate aka Nate Rousseau of Ultimate Health and Fitness) I am taking Kung Fu lessons, boxing, attending Mixed Martial Arts classes and so on!  It’s amazing.  Even tho I keep attributing my success to Nate, he keeps telling me it was me.  I will settle for a great team effort.

GREAT PEOPLE: My life is so full or great people I could list a slew of them here.  Here are the people currently touching my heart.

JasonJason – he’s pretty young compared to me, but I hesitate to call him a kid.  I think he is going to be a great man and is well on his way.  Guy and I had the pleasure of having him stay with us this summer as he interned at UHF.  He was my personal trainer for the summer and really helped to toughen me up.  But most of all he is kind, polite, caring has good follow up and an intelligent approach to training. (yes, he sings and dances too! LOL!)

Steve skiingKristin and Steve – Wow.  They took Jason, Guy and me water skiing a couple weeks ago. That was really nice, but what impressed me was their utter selfless giving and exuberant attitudes.  It felt like they were living just to help US water ski. It was a little overwhelming to be met with such kindness from new friends.

Sifu DavidSifu (teacher) David – owner of 36th Chamber XMA gym. Some people are just inspiring. I am learning Wing Chun from him.  But he is just great to be around.  Very giving, hard core, hard working and expects nothing less from his students.  I like that.

me n hammonds smAs Australians go… haha! I don’t even know what that means.  Kim and Maria Hammond are friends that I NEVER get to see enough. (I gotta warn you tho, he is super hard to understand on the phone, because of that thick Aussie accent!) They are so passionate about everything they do.  They don’t ever let circumstances get the best of them.  They gobble up life.  In my mind’s eye, I see them leaving a trail of daisies where ever they go…. (I know, I am a bit idealistic, but hey, it’s my blog)

I am sorry, all you other people that inspire me, I am tired and need to sleep.  Another day.


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