Grr.. ack! delinquency. do i still exist?

Social media.  Who are you? How to best communicate that? How to change the world (using your super-powers for good and not evil)? How to meet new people? Make new connections? Create synergy? Raise awareness?  This is my job.

Today’s world requires, demands even, transparency.  We are media hungry (gluttons, really). But constant transparency requires internally saturated purposefulness. Whatever I say in public lives on and on. How do I share the “me” people care about, without tarnishing their (perhaps convoluted) perception of ‘me’?  I can’t. My purposefulness has to be my guide.  Who I am, who I want to be. Not who I think others want me to be. (yeah, blah blah blah…glad you figured it out)

So social media (@bethkolar, @remotelinkinc, @forgechicago, something to say,, etc..)  – yes, shameless plugs, all of them! – has to represent a mix of purpose, humility and level-headedness.  Attempts to fabricate a persona are beyond me.  I can just be me – successfully anyway.

So when my profile says “ 60 days since last post” I cringe.  I think about what I have to say. Then I carry on with the important business of the day.  Most often it’s not blogging. What does that say about me?  Well if you read my twitter profile, it will probably support the fact that I have lots of interests, I am super passionate about and throwing myself into those interests and frankly it steals time from everything else.  Including blogging.

But today I remembered my commitment to sharing myself with those who are interested. Is that you? To changing the world through whatever media available to me.

This somewhat lengthy (already – and it’s just the intro!) post is about representing. Even if delinquently.

I read a great post today – a retweet from @peaceofmindguy from Spectrum Restoration – “RT @Brainzooming: How Do You Describe Yourself – Who you were, are, or will be? #personalbranding #career and it reminded me that we should be purposeful about maintaining our public selves because, well, people are looking.

It may seem trivial, but if your clothes never got dirty, I think you would STILL change them.  Boredom stinks.  Have you changed something in your life?  Represent!

I have started San Da (Chinese Kick Boxing) which means that now after “Friend, lover…” I added “fighter” to my Twitter profile.  And today I added “(or thumbs)”! (see below)

Bio: Friend, lover, fighter, wife, connector, observer, starter, finisher, awareness and fundraiser, social media minder and face (or thumbs) behind @remotelinkinc

I have lost a lot of weight and I change my hair style pretty often, so I update my profile pic. (here is a nice cross-section of profile pics over the last year or so) 

As my opinion/knowledge changes, grows, develops, etc.. I keep writing, twittering and contributing.

Do I think the world will stop turning without my opinion? no.  Do I think I will be missed if I just stopped? no. (well, maybe fellow bloggers Dawn Carter or Lundie Pinner ! thanks for reading guys!)

Do I think I have something to say? Value to add to the world around me? YES!  So I keep changing my “clothes”, blogging about what is important to me and butting into conversations of people who don’t even know I exist!


P.S. Watch for my new organization “” No, don’t go there now, cause there is nothing to see yet…


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