Lost (or found) in Translation

One of my jobs at RemoteLink, Inc is writing press releases and getting them posted. I don’t know what you know about writing, maybe, to you, it seems like an easy thing to write about what’s going on around you. I don’t know…maybe it should be an easy thing.  What I do know is that communicating very specific technical information in a general ‘press release’ sort of way can be tough.

I recently got a phone call saying, “Hey, congrats! I saw your press release come through on Twitter, but when I tried to read it, I didn’t understand at all what it was about!”  This could mean that I did a bad job or that this person has no contextual background (which is actually the case).  It could mean that we need two different press releases.  One for potential clients who need our services and assurances that we know what we are doing and another for our friends and supporters to be able to rejoice with us!

This post is for the latter group…

Heya friends!  Great news!  RemoteLink is one of only two companies in the world that are offering a very specific product in the “cloud/sales/accounting/customer relationship management” world.

SugarCRM to QuickBooks Integration

This describes what we can do to integrate SugarCRM 6.x and QuickBooks

Why we made it: You know how you sometimes have two different things you wish were combined. Like ‘oil and vinegar’ …and the only way to get them together is to shake them up and still they eventually separate.  Or maybe it’s your favorite accounting software (like QuickBooks™) and the software (like SugarCRM 6.x) you use to keep track of your potential sales and your current customers .

Most of you know what QuickBooks is, maybe invoices you get in the mail are created in QuickBooks. But if you aren’t a sales oriented company or don’t deal with a largish customer base, you might not know what CRM is.  CRM is customer relationship management software.  It helps you manage your sales pipeline, what opportunities are being worked on, what stage they are in, who is working with whom on what…plus any notes about that client or opportunity.  (Good CRM is really essential if you are serious about keeping your business alive through sales and managing your customer base well…and we LOVE SugarCRM!)

Well, we make oil and vinegar stay together, even after shaking! Only it’s called “SugarCRM 6.x to QuickBooks Integration”.  Short sweet and to the point 😉


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