Snowpocalypse!? It doesn’t HAVE to matter

by Beth Kolar (Cross posted from

When your company and it’s processes reside in the Cloud your team is always equipped to tackle the business of the day.

Lakeshore Dr

Here in the Chicagoland area we’ve been hit by the blizzard that’s got everyone talking. Cars stranded. No one going anywhere.  As I type this, the morning after,  I am looking out my window at over a foot of snow and gusting winds blowing sideways and upwards.  I think the snow has stopped, but it is hard to tell. Despite not digging myself out, I am “at work”.  Our entire staff is actually all working from home today- interns included.

Here’s how it looks:

While sitting in on a SugarCRM Partner webinar I am chatting via Google Chat with our CEO, also at home and on the webinar. (We usually attend as a team in our conference room, it’s great for building camaraderie!) We are simultaneously editing a Google doc about the webinar.

Earlier, I worked with our Strategic Process Manager on some basic processes. Which led to working with Aurora University intern, Cody, on lead calling process in SugarCRM.  He uses Google Voice to make his calls, the call flow diagram is hosted in Google Docs and we had a meeting via group chat with our COO about SugarCRM to Quickbooks Integration call scheduling.

Meanwhile, Scott, in customer service is logged into Gmail for Business to monitor customer calls and emails.  He is collaborating with Tim in development, via email and chat, to meet our clients’ needs in a timely fashion.

We have access to our client base, sales pipeline and updates concerning client calls – all with appropriate permissions  – from where ever we are, regardless of the amount of snow we have yet to remove in order to get ourselves to work tomorrow.

RemoteLink, Inc is a SugarCRM Gold Partner as well as Google Apps Partner.

… btw, SugarCRM just announced a 52% year over year growth! With 600 new customers in Q4 with 2,200 new customers in FY2010!


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