Who me?


Sometimes it gets so dark inside that I have a hard time finding the light.

My attitude more than stinks – it’s dark.

I forget what it  looks like to be optimistic.

I lose faith in everyone around me.

I need more than anyone has to give.

I feel guilty about all of the above.

These are the times when God is producing the good stuff. (well, yes, it’s ALL good where He is concerned)

squatsBut I went to a weight lifting / endurance class the other day and the instructor was encouraging us to dig deep “this is where you’ll see results!”, he said.

So I dug deeper.  My legs hurt.  I texted him asking why I ever allow myself to do squats and his response was “to be strong like bull” (I won’t tell you MY response).

Today I remember that only when you tear down muscle does it build.

It’s the same with your soul, I think.  Only when it gets torn, stretched and aches does it build strength and endurance.


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