strong love

What drew me to this post was the funny typo in her twitter announcement.

eloranicole  “i WAS going to pot anonymously, but then i decided against it.”
I replied that if I was going to go to pot I would also prefer to do it anonymously!

Funny what gets our attention…

Since I took the time to poke fun at her mistake I decided it good form to actually read the post. As I read the following two quotes the words “strong love” came to mind.

… in any situation i’m avoiding or feeling hesitant, my first inclination is to run to the farthest point of contact.

…and once again the feelings of invisibility creeped their way into my heart, i recognized them for what they were and i chose to step into the light.

For me ‘strong love’ is not running even when I really-really want to, but instead staying or stepping into the light.  It takes strength. The stepping into is more about stepping between evil and those I love. My motivation (misguided, codependant, hero complex) has always been a desire to give a better life to those around me (or is that just how I am without specific clinical diagnosis?).  I don’t know how to do it without living it myself. Even then I don’t know… I just hope.

I love that God gives me the desire to press into truth that ultimately frees me and gives me room to run, to be me.  Known. in the light. Whatever my motivation- no matter how messed up I am.


Thanks Elora!


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