Cruder mornings

Ever wake up just feeling crappy? Haha! Ok, ok. Dumb question. Let’s just say it’s rhetorical.

I hardly EVER wake up in bad mood, or overly tired anymore. But today I woke up and was immediately dizzy. Decided to sleep in. But… Guy was already up and forgot to turn off his alarm (which I only know how to snooze!)

Yeah. I got up, crabby and dizzy. I looked around for Guy (yes, to yell at him about his clock). But when I looked out the window – there he was… Nurturing his ‘flowers’ (read: trees). Haha! I fell in love again.

I still feel dizzy and crappy. But happy inside. Thanks Guy 🙂

(PS. He was actually at war with the grass. Killing things. Oh well. I still love him)


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