borrowing faith

I recently read an article “Breaking the Wall During Workouts” 

It’s good, but again, I have to pick on #4. Maybe I will always just champion the underdog… or perhaps it’s my desire to point out “But the Emperor isn’t WEARING any clothes!” (read Hans Christian Andersen’s story)  even if I am the Emperor.

Emperors new cloths

As Jason mentions in step #4: “Commit & Believe – look in the mirror and tell yourself that you will succeed.”

This is where I struggle.  I can commit.  I will die trying (let’s hope not!). But to tell myself that I CAN do something that I do not KNOW I can do…well, it seems like a lie. And it feels very 80’s ish.

What I propose for those of you like me who maybe you don’t know HOW to believe in yourself in this positive affirming way… is to borrow faith.  There are others who have gone before me, who have seen me work and who are free to have unencumbered faith in me.  They don’t have crazy old tapes playing in the back of their heads about ME that mess their belief system up.

I think that is why God gave us community… friends, and personal trainers!  Thanks for letting me borrow YOUR faith – until it becomes my own.

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