Rest and creativity

mindless focus

There are a lot of things that ‘fuel’ creativity, right?  Kids, the sun rising, a familiar sound, a certain color next to another unexpected color. All sparks, but I think it’s rest that gives you legs to stand on and eyes to see with.

I’m creative – a constant stream of ideas -bad, half-baked, Polly Anna-ish… But then there are ones that stick. Ideas I can’t shake. They come from a place of peace, rest and relaxed focus.

I’m not talking about laying down and clearing your mind – tho, I do that sometimes – but centering activities. Like working out or taking pictures. Both require a sort of mindless focus.  You breathe in, breathe out and shoot (or lift, or punch, or kick… whatever). No chatting, no producing. Just this one thing. Just this one moment.

simple singleminded focus

It’s about the lack of need for immediate results.  I didn’t say editing photos was centering, it’s not. Too stressful…too many choices, too many opinions and the need for great results. I didn’t mention prepping for my group fitness class either (same thing). But when I lift, results are something that come later- some time after the pain! 🙂 When I shoot, I focus only on that one thing, right in front of me, right now.  I shoot a lot, samples to work from later.  No results pressure.

I don’t worry about quality.  It’s a luxury afforded by lots of practice.  My lifting form is already pretty good – any issues get written down and addressed before the next session. Similarly, I have experience framing a shot.  I understand lighting and composition. I simply give/take as much as I absolutely can in each moment.  No thinking. No stress.

No worrying. Single minded focus. THIS is mind relaxation.

And as I drive away…my mind is flooded. Blog topics, marketing ideas, photo ops,decorating ideas, relationship solutions, introductions I want to make.

The only problem is the missing assistant in the subsequent car ride to take notes and make phone calls during the crazy-flooding-mind filling idea storm.

How do YOU relax?  What spurs YOUR creativity?  I would love to hear it!


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