When one door closes…

Just saw on Facebook a little cartoon (black box with 2 eyes glaring out of the darkness), “…when one door closes another opens… but man these hallways are a bitch!”

It got me thinking that there are all sorts of things that get us thru the pitch black hallways of our lives.  For me it’s humor, faith and experience.

If I can laugh at it, I am reminded that whereas it MAY be bigger, badder and meaner than I am… I may just be able to smile and wait it out. Working thru it as best I can. My dad is a prime example of this.  He’s working thru (like a CHAMP) dementia right now. And for such a smart, caring guy it’s super tough to not be able to find words (one of the effects). He also has lung cancer, but his humor is part of what keeps him lucid, cheerful and remarkably level headed.  He tells people, “I have this thing called (forgets word, fumbles..laughs..remembers word) dementia.  It makes it hard for me to well, you know… The good news is they have found a cure!” We all look incredulously wondering if he has lost it – or knows something we don’t know! He continues, “It’s called terminal lung cancer (huge smile)”

Lots of people think that’s tragic, but it’s hilarious and how he chooses to meet his life circumstances.  I want to be more like my dad.

Then there is faith. For me, it’s faith in a kind, loving God who actually has a plan.  I don’t mean “the ONE and ONLY thing I am supposed to do with my life that is going to be HUGE” kind of plan that is typical for many American christians.  But a plan that will benefit everyone. (Because that is who He loves… everyone) I have faith that He will let ME be a part of that plan to love and benefit those ‘everyones’ that are in my life.  Even if I meet them in the “dark hallways” of our lives.

And experience.  The good thing about ‘aging’ (the smart quotes are because I am still a bit in denial – seems less real that way) is that I have lived thru a ton of S***. (what!? it’s STUFF!) And lo and behold, I am still here!  Yay! It’s not just “This too shall pass” because I don’t just want to hunker down till stuff (see, I told you) blows over.  I want to push forward, wait purposefully – which incidentally IS pushing forward – remaining humble and willing to learn, confident I can learn and I WILL see light… I hope it’s soon.


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