I am awesome. You can like me.

I have traditionally and purposefully not joined “Women’s panels”, “Female empowerment groups” or any sort of “Women” anything. My dad made it clear his girls were smart and competent and didn’t have to be relegated to traditional roles. I felt I didn’t have a problem. I felt that women needed to stop sitting around complaining and ’empowering’ and get working doing whatever they feel they should be doing (feel led to do, want to do…. w/e).

I don’t want to be labeled a whiner, a trouble-maker or a bitch. I want to get work done!

I now believe that the ideal is good – black and white. Reality requires (a lot) more gray, (a lot) more specificity and (a lot) more purposefulness.  I need empowering.  If you are a woman, you may need it too.

I posted earlier today on Facebook  (see link below) about ‘bright girls’ because it resonated with me. The study that Sheryl Sandberg cites (also linked below)  in this Ted talk sealed the deal for me.  Something I have always admired about the two most important men in my life  -my dad and my husband – is that when they figure out that something they are thinking or doing is wrong… they change it.  They don’t hem and haw, they don’t poll their friends, they don’t wonder how they will be perceived.  They change.  I am doing that now.


This isn’t what MAKES me awesome. Just a part of the awesomeness.


As my daughter-in-law pointed out so eloquently…”I am awesome, I am going to start acting like it.” Me too. Awesomeness is about to ensue. It may be mistaken for self-serving, political, bitchy, non-gracious behavior. It’s not. It’s confidence. I am still a kind, loving individual. But I am also awesome.






The Trouble with Bright Girls:

Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders: 


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