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stop cencsoring motherhood

My morning “Social Media Check-in” can be pretty intense.  It’s my livelihood.  I manage several social media accounts for clients and I like to skim what’s going on in my online community, my clients’ communities and my local community.  I am also a photographer and just LOVE the human body.  Duh.  It’s just weird not to!  😉

This photo caught my attention.  4th Trimester Bodies is doing a project -that I haven’t yet looked into,  so I don’t know fully what they are about or the impetus for their project.  Something else caught my attention as well.

Join us in calling social media accountable…

What IS that?  Social media has neither a will nor a conscience.  It cannot be held accountable.  Why not just say, “Hey, stupid people, stop being stupid online!” *NOTE* I try not to self edit when blogging.  You are welcome *END NOTE*

So I started to comment to my friend Kyra, but then realized I had completely highjacked her post with my own commentary.  So here it is:

Thank you Kyra for posting this, I am constantly saddened by our double standard about nudity/partial nudity/ aka the human body.  It’s completely ok to encourage our daughters to parade around in a bikini to be judged..while talking about volunteering at church, to watch violent crimes in sexual nature against women as entertainment, to admire the body builder or the weight loss success (that has some woman in knots due to unhealthy practices she uses to keep her weight in check).  But it’s not ok to just be casually nude – or near nude, or to have cleavage…seriously.  (or breast feed in public – everyone.  STOP EATING IN PUBLIC, for Heaven’s Sake!)

I am not sure it’s “social media”  we are calling accountable, but rather the people who voice their opinions/beliefs using social media.  People who buy stuff.  I know when I am posting pictures about “Come workout with me” they aren’t pictures of fat people or people with little pooches of tummies.  Mostly, sexy sweaty girls with defined muscles are motivating.  WE have made that.  WE pay money to companies that propagate that imagery. WE cry at night (or at breakfast… or lunch… or in the dressing room at Kohls) because our bodies STILL aren’t looking like that sexy sweaty girl on Beth’s Facebook page.  UGH.

Part of the bigger problem, though and what I really want to address, is personal integrity.

One small example to help understand what I mean: If it’s true that 1/2 christian men claim to be addicted to porn, then we as ‘a body’ are personally and morally conflicted because we do not LIVE what we actually believe.  OR we do what we believe and lie with our lips.  Personal integrity is now void.  If we are not in congruence with our belief systems (whatever they are) we hide, lie, cheat and steal…murder and rape, in subtle and not so subtle ways and point the finger elsewhere so we don’t get caught.  And we are good at it because we have been PRACTICING it for a while… doing things we believe in our hearts are not good to do.

 I think this is one of the reasons Jesus was so chill with ‘non-believers’ and so harsh on the ‘believers’ (Pharisees).  If you have PERSONAL integrity you are closer to the heart of Christ’s teachings than if you don’t, but claim you are Christian.  

Now this issue of accepting mothers for who they are, not putting ridiculous merely esthetic or pseudo moral expectations on them is not a “Christian” issue only.  That’s just a big hunk of time / people Kyra and I hang with.  Because my goal is to as closely as possible model my life after Jesus it’s always relevant to me.

Making sex tabboo, sexualizing anything involving skin without cover and financially supporting companies that encourage us to have unrealistic, over sexualized goals for our body shapes are all bad.  Don’t get me wrong… I think sex is awesome!  I just work everyday to live what I believe.  Sometimes I fail, well, a lot. But my goal is to not hide. So my daughters and granddaughters will not have to, and so their husbands can have amazing wives and mothers to their children.

https://www.facebook.com/4thTrimesterBodiesThere are hashtags like #4thtrimesterbodiesproject you can use if you want to talk about this kind of stuff, too.


I kinda want to yell.. “GO!  Be naked!”  But it’s chilly out, and I don’t actually want to walk around naked, cause my tummy sags and other body issues that we can discuss at another time.


BK over and out.


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