This post was going to be on “being present”… you know, an ‘authenticity-in-the-moment-and-not-letting-your-mind-wander-when-around-others’ type of post.

What if we boiled it down to just ‘being’? I talk a lot about being purposeful in my interactions, in my life decisions…but lately I have been wondering about just relaxing.  Enjoying my moments. Whatever they look like. I suppose that is actually being authentic isn’t it??!  Just minus the big word. 

It may be that the kind of relaxing I am talking about requires lots of trust, tho.  How so?

Well, if you want your life to have meaning… and to live in the light of that meaning, you have to think about it, decide what to do about it and decide if this next action or comment is in alignment with that desired meaning.  How ON EARTH can you relax, if every moment is under scrutiny???



For me… I trust in a higher power I call God. I have come to believe that if HE made me, and if HE defines my purpose, and maybe shares it with me thru revelation, or specific talents or circumstances.  Wouldn’t it stand to reason that once we have decided on how / who I want to be, that I can relax and trust that that very direction will act like an undertow or maybe current in my life?  

Maybe I don’t have to TRY so hard. Maybe the essence of who I have decided to be will shine thru naturally as I enjoy my moments in life. 

Today I had a deep sense of “drinking it in” and wanting to drink deeply (no, not vodka… altho…) the moment I was in.  And in that moment I felt I was at my best.  

So here’s to relaxing. Drinking it in. And being.


You may have to think a little first, tho.


One thought on “Being

  1. One of the things I have had to stop doing is wanting to publicize the good moments. Tonight I had one of those “boy, I sure love my guys” moment at the dinner table. It was one of those heart-is-filling-up moments that I just sat there absorbing. I didn’t take a photo. I didn’t blog about it (though right now I guess I AM talking about it – ha!) I just sat down and drank it in. I just listened to the conversation, engaged and enjoyed.

    Acceptance is another aspect of it that I have yet to master. Maybe it’s another view of the trust you write about. Trust that things are as they should be. That I am as I should be. It can be hard to let go of the long believed notion that I’m “wrong”. Not that I dispute my humanity and propensity to mess up, it’s not that. It’s the idea that I picked up somewhere along the way that whatever I do naturally is inherently “wrong” and must be mistrusted. It’s a devastating way to live.

    I believe you are right. “Maybe I don’t have to TRY so hard. Maybe the essence of who I have decided to be will shine thru naturally as I enjoy my moments in life.”



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