Are you ready? Mentor ready?

You are a professional. At the very least you give care and attention to the things you do.  You want to deliver a high quality, consistent product, right?  Whether you are home raising your children, making / selling the latest widget, or providing a service to people at large….right?

That’s how I think about it.  But between you and me (and the other person who also reads my blog) sometimes I get lazy – or just manage my time poorly.  The result?  Inconsistency in product.  I snap at my kids.  I don’t do the homework required to actually be ready to help my prospect make an informed decision.  I can stop, right? You get it.

Yesterday was one of those days.  I had gone in to teach a class less than solid on my choreography (it’s a fitness class) I knew it well enough.  My class would mark “satisfied” or even “very satisfied” had I given them a survey. But that’s not the goal.  I recently sat in on a lecture by Fabio Comana (Exercise Physiologist; Faculty Instructor- SDSU, UCSD and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)) where he shared a great concept. “Satisfied is not good enough”  In the fitness industry we need to provide memorable experiences.  We need to meet unspoken needs and not only help meet our clients goals, but create evangelists for our services.  I agree with this wholeheartedly.

In theory.

Back to yesterday.  I was gearing up to teach my favorite class when low and behold in walks my MENTOR.  ugh.  Really?  Today? He was gracious and when asked to team teach even studied up on the choreography and jumped in.  He delivered a top-notch consistent product…. with energy and enthusiasm!

Me? I choked. HAHA!  yes, really.

I did, however, walk away with new resolve (resolve seems to be a theme this week) to up my game, to inspire, to challenge and to impassion… through the delivery of a consistent high quality product.  Every time.

Are you ready for YOUR mentor to join you?


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